Syllabus Spring 2019

Syllabus: Spring 2019: Qualities

announcements, The Qualities of Experience, The Unseen Surround (2019)

Environments Studio IV is about design, behavior, and people’s understanding, in physical, digital, and hybrid environments. The course comprises practical projects investigating, understanding, and materializing invisible and intangible qualitative phenomena, from intelligence to social relationships, through new forms of probe, prototype, speculative design and exhibit. In Spring 2019 we’re focusing on qualities in different forms.

This syllabus will be updated over the course of the semester. But the basic plan is that we will cover two units, each of which will result in a project:

Weeks 1–5: Jan 14–Feb 14 Unit 1: The Unseen Surround
(40% of grade).
Weeks 6–16: Feb 19–May 2 Unit 2: The Qualities of Experience
[Details to follow]. Project: [details to follow] (60% of grade).

We will also be aiming to turn room 210 itself into an environment which shows—and shares—your thought processes and can be a demonstration of some of the ideas we’re covering in the course. It’s meant to be an evolving exhibition for Environments, which visitors to the School of Design can experience.

Note that there will be no class on February 21st (Confluence), March 12th, March 14th (Spring Break) or April 11th (Spring Carnival). As the projects progress, the class is intended to be studio time for you to work on your projects, which may sometimes mean that you don’t actually have to be present (e.g. if you’re doing field research, using workshops, etc). Please let me know though. There are a few sessions where I may be away at conferences, but I will arrange either for a guest or for a pre-planned activity for these sessions.