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Where are the humans in AI?

Where are the Humans in AI? The Projects

Where are the humans in AI? was exhibited at the Carnegie Mellon School of Design‘s Design Center, Pittsburgh, on May 8–10 2018. Some of the projects will also be exhibited as part of Data & Society’s Future Perfect event in New York, June 7–8 2018.  […]

Crowd of protesters

Syllabus: Spring 2018: Intelligence(s) in Environments

Thank you to our guests over the Spring 2018 semester: Madeleine Elish (Data & Society), Simone Rebaudengo (, Deepa Butoliya (Carnegie Mellon, soon to be University of Michigan), Emily LaRosa (Carnegie Mellon), Professor David Danks (Carnegie Mellon), and Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tešanović (Casa Jasmina). […]